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We are social beings. Happiness is real when it is shared.

As we age, we accumulate experiences and love to tell stories. However, due to travel limitations, illness, and fewer living friends, seniors often lose touch with others. Studies report that unmet social needs lead directly to worse health outcomes. Joynus Care can help our senior clients by planning social outings, providing companionship, and helping them be active physically and mentally.


Conversation Partner

Our senior clients often have many stories to share, and our caregivers can be their companion and attentive listener. They can share stories while playing cards, scrapbooking, board games, puzzles, and other activities that can help ward off mental decline and keep them interactive, engaged, and stimulated.

Social Activities

Our companion caregivers can accompany our senior clients to bingo nights at the senior center, the zoo, grocery store, or just hang out. They can accompany our clients on walks and other outings. Light exercise can help keep our senior clients active and physically healthy.

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