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Care Coordination

Caregiving is not easy and it is not something everyone can do.

This is especially true when dealing with multiple cultures, making caregiving that much more challenging. It requires education, preparation, open-mindedness, consideration, and understanding. Our care managers take these factors into consideration when helping our clients find right caregiver for their needs.


Our care managers have personal experience helping senior parents and are able to empathize with our clients and their families. Our care managers can assist with coordinating a variety of events for our clients, including:

  • Scheduling Doctor's appointment

  • Transportation

  • Interpretation

  • Communicating between healthcare provider, client, and client's family; monitoring client's implementation of doctor's orders and instructions, including reminders to take medications and exercise

  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation

  • Special dietary needs for conditions like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and more.

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