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Good nutrition is vitally important for our clients. As we age, we tend to forget to eat or skip a meal intentionally. This may be due to loss of appetite, lack of motivation to cook, living alone, or a medical condition.Our nutritional need changes as we age so Joynus Care works with senior parents and their children to coordinate healthy and delicious meals through our homecare meal services. 


Menu Planning

With consultation from our nurses and dietitian, Joynus Care will coordinate appropriate meals with our clients and their families. We can plan meals according to our clients' taste preferences and nutritional needs, prepare grocery lists, clean out and organize the kitchen, and teach our clients to shop smart and healthy.

Feeding and Assistant

Weight loss may be a signal that senior clients need help with meals. Not only can our caregivers provide support and assistance with feeding, but they can also help motivate our clients to eat more nutritionally.

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